The professional Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander performers we work with include:

Actors, Guest speakers, Visual artists, Performing artists, Designers, Dancers, Musicians, Didgeridoo players.

Traditional Dance Group Profiles

Malu Kiai Mura Baui Company

Malu Kiai Mura Baui is a Torres Strait Islander dance group. Malu-Kiai is the traditional name given to the people of Boigu Island. Their songs and dances, based upon the everyday life of Torres Strait Islander people, have been passed from generation to generation. They first performed at World Expo 88 and have since performed at the Woodford Folk Festival, Out of the Box and NAIDOC Week celebrations and at schools.
Watch Malu Kiai Mura Baui perform here


Nunukul Yuggera Aboriginal Troupe

The Nunukul Yuggera Aboriginal Dancers are also known as Yugimbir & Nugi Aboriginal Dancers. The Nunukul Yuggera Aboriginal Dancers have been in existence for over 10 years traveling the world extensively showcasing Traditional Aboriginal culture through song, dance and other various forms of cultural expression. They have performed alongside some of the world’s greatest performers and Cultural ambassadors . Their main focus is to bring awareness to Indigenous Culture and current Indigenous issues, they have taught Aboriginal youth and continue to expose youth to their beautiful Culture which teaches them to be proud and strong.

Watch Nunukul Yuggera start a fire here and perform here

Nunukul Yuggera Aboriginal Dancers

Wagga Dance Company

Wagga Torres Strait Islander Dancers Founded in the 1970’s the company was the first incorporated Torres Strait Islander dance company in Australia. Known by earlier names of Waiben, Torres Strait Islander Dance Company settled on its current title of Wagga Dance Company in 1997 – a name that originates from the village of St Paul’s on Moa Island.

Watch them perform here



Keriba Mabaigal Women’s Dance Company

Keriba Mabaigal is a Torres Strait Islander women’s dance group with roots based in Darnley Island (Erub) this local Brisbane group performs a series of traditional song & dance from the Torres Strait.
Watch Keriba Mabaigal perform here


Keriba Mabaigal Women's Dance Group


Garret Lyon

Garret Lyon is an alumni of the Centre for Aboriginal Performing Arts, he has an amazing voice. He sings a mix of his own songs he has written over the years and also popular songs of today.
Watch Garret perform here



Chris Tamwoy

Chris Tamwoy is a fantastic young talent. Playing the guitar in a unusual way he will have you mesmerised with his acoustics.
Watch Chris perform here


Darren Brady

Darren Brady is a MC, one of the best around. He will bring an upbeat atmosphere to your event and great with interacting with the crowd.




                                                                                                              Kristal West

Kristal West is 25-year-old Indigenous Australian singer-songwriter who found a national audience in 2014, after becoming a Grand Finalist on the popular channel 9 TV show ‘The Voice’.  She is granddaughter to the legendary Indigenous land rights activist, Eddie Mabo, who campaigned for ten years to eventually have the legal doctrine of terra nullius overturned. Kristal’s life centres around her music and her people. Kristal has determination, passion and drive like her late grandfather, unwavering from her dreams to be recognised for her music



Roydon Boyd

Watch Roydon Boyd perform here



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