Black Drum Productions facilitate access to authentic Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural resources through the provision of tailored services that include:

    1. Events Management, including programming and management of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural content for conferences and events, presentation and promotion of authentic Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art, craft and performance across a range of platforms such as festivals, concerts and exhibitions;
    2. Business Development for Indigenous artists to work within the arts industry. 
    3. Product Development for Indigenous artists and craftspeople
    4. Workshops for corporate clients 
    5. Consulting on cultural issues for sporting and events, assistance to develop and implement Reconciliation Action Plans
    6. Exhibitions, of Indigenous arts and crafts for community groups and corporate clients. 


Here’s a list of recent events we have delivered with our fantastic clients.


Major Sporting Events

Quade Cooper Qld Reds
  • 2013 British and Irish Lions Rugby Tour – opening event at Suncorp Stadium
  • 2013 and 2014 Queensland Reds – Indigenous Round, NAIDOC event at Suncorp
  • 2013 and 2014 Players jersey design tender for Queensland Reds – Indigenous Round


  • G20 Summit Cultural Celebrations, Brisbane – 2 weeks of cultural celebrations featuring Indigenous artists and performers
  • 2014 Indigenous Lawyers Conference, Brisbane – cultural entertainment and catering

Cultural Festivals

  • Clancestry 2015 – Curator of Community Programming. QPAC
  • Clancestry 2014 – Curator of Community Programming. QPAC
  • Clancestry 2013 – Curator of Community Programming. QPAC
  • G20 Summit Cultural Festival – Visual Arts and Indigenous Program coordinator

Arts and Culture Programs

  • 2014 Brisbane City Council NAIDOC Event
  • 2013 SANTOS NAIDOC Event
  • 2013 John Holland NAIDOC Event
  • 2013 Gallery of Modern Art NAIDOC Event
  • 2008 – 2014 Producer of Gathering in the Queens Street Mall – Indigenous Cultural program for Brisbane City Council
  • 2008 – 2014 Producer of Black History Month public programs for Brisbane City Council


    Member of the State Library Qld Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Advisory Group
    Member of Brisbane Festival Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Advisory Group
    Community consulting and research for Winangali evaluation of Closing the Gap initiative
    Advisory role in development of RAP action plan for Uniting Care Queensland

Our Approach

There are 3 stages to our work with clients; development, production and elevation. This approach ensures that we understand clearly what it is you are trying to achieve and can develop solutions that connect audiences with your message.



What could this look like?

We take time to assess all of the reseach and feedback gathered during the consultation stage to determine the key issues. From these findings a strategy or plan is developed which maps out a clear way forward based on what the community has told us. Our approach to development is really about listening and then investing in local people. We aim to build up the capacity of leaders in the community who can go on to facilitate lasting change that is meaningful and relevant to that community. For us the development stage enables our clients to make a difference through:
  • Professional Development Initiatives
  • Skills Training and Mentoring
  • Business Development
  • Indigenous Entrepreneurship Programs


How will we do this?

Having developed suitable strategies and programs, the real challenge lies in delivering them to the intended audiences. Production is how this happens and for this to be effective we work closely with local people on the ground who understand the unique dynamics of their community. Our extensive experience across Indigenous Arts also enables us to develop tailored solutions that provide assistance right where it is needed. Clients work with us to produce their events because of our proven success in managing major cultural development projects such as:

  • Black Drum Arts and Cultural Market
  • Black History Month
  • Coolamon Carrying the Culture
  • Urban Dreaming Exhibition
  • Eat Healthy; Be Active Campaign
The ways in which we produce events incorporates our capacity building aims as we often employ local people to work alongside us. In this way they build up valuable skills and the initiative is more likely to become a sustainable activity which can be managed and run by local people. The production services we offer include:

  • Event Management
  • Program Facilitation and Design
  • Exhibitions
  • Performances
  • Cultural Festivals
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Steering Committee Coordination
  • MC or Keynote Speakers


Was our message received?

Our clients invest significant resources into the production of programs and events. They want to ensure their message reached its intended audience and changed attitudes and behaviours. We develop measurement criteria for all of our projects and monitor them during the production stage to capture accurate results. We then take time to interpret those results and prepare reports for our clients to gauge the success of their project. This allows Black Drum Productions to gauge the beneficial relationships and outcomes that have been achieved between the client, community, and corporate sponsors. We utilise a range of methods to evaluate programs for our clients including:
  • Reference Groups
  • Audience or Participant Questionnaires and Surveys
  • Sales and Box Office Reports
  • Feedback from Social Media and Websites
  • Media Monitoring


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